How long will it take before I get my money?


  • the member is no longer contributing to the Fund and there are no outstanding contributions.
  • all documentation has been received and is correct.
  • Penpro has received confirmation that the member will not be on the schedule for the month following the last contribution month stated on the form.

Then payment should be paid into the member’s account within a maximum of 2 weeks of receipt of documentation.
If any of the above conditions are not met, payment will be delayed.

Why is the whole company contribution not allocated to my fund share account?

This employer contribution amount is used to pay for Risk premiums if any (e.g. life cover, funeral, disability), commission to the broker appointed by the Employer and administration fees due to Penpro Administrators. Only the balance of the Employer Contribution after these costs is credited to the Member’s investment portfolio.

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